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Cedarwood Sanctuary

Contact: Thomas Trafford
Work 6880 -A West Island Highway Bowser British Columbia v0r1g0 Canada Work Phone: 416-892-4707 Website:


A mindful practice in Bowser, British Columbia, that aims to bring healing and comfort to you — The Cedarwood Sanctuary services include counselling for grief, anxiety and life direction, as well as practices of mediumship, tarot, and reiki energy healing.

A mindful practice of self-exploration and healing through conversation, personal reflection and vulnerability. Intuitively working with Spirit for guidance, direction & messages.
This one-on-one format can bring about positive change in your life.

Discover more about Thomas, the creator of The Cedarwood Sanctuary.
He shares his journey, his reasoning for creating this sacred space,
and the services he provides within.

“Thomas is the kind of person who genuinely listens, cares and offers sound, wise advice. He creates a gentle, safe space where judgement never enters. His gift is evident and powerful and I am full of gratitude for having the opportunity to be the recipient of his words and insights.”
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6880 -A West Island Highway Bowser British Columbia v0r1g0 Canada

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