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Simpson Geotechnical Ltd.

Home 203-6996 Island Highway west Canada Bowser Home Phone: 778-424-9747 Website:


Simpson Geotechnical Ltd. was founded by Richard Simpson in 2007 to provide cost effective, practical and client service oriented geotechnical engineering solutions to Vancouver Island.  Since that time we have provided services to a wide range of municipal, commercial, institutional and residential projects throughout Vancouver Island.  

Richard has over twenty-three years of experience in the geotechnical engineering industry in the central Vancouver Island area.  

Our engineering office is equipped with geotechnical engineering software including GeoStudio, Slope/w, WinLog and AutoCAD.  We have a soil laboratory equipped for gradation analysis, Atterburg Limits testing as well as standard and modified Proctor density laboratory compaction standards.  We also provide field density testing of fill compaction using the Trans Tech Systems SDG200 electromagnetic soil density gauge that has no restrictions to transport by plane, ferry or automobile.

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203-6996 Island Highway west Bowser

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